Apple has unveiled a new 35-watt charger with two USB-C ports

اپل از شارژر 35 وات جدیدی با دو پورت USB-C رونمایی کرد

As reports of Apple’s new charger surfaced earlier this year, the tech giant is now officially announcing its WWDC 2022 conference. 35 watt power adapter Self with two ports USB-C Unveiled.

Apple also unveiled the MacBook Air M2 and its adapter during the event As a laptop charger Has been introduced. Fortunately, the Cupertinos have used two ports in this charger so that users can charge another device at the same time as the MacBook Air.

Apple claims that this small charger can only power the MacBook Air 2022 20 minutes Charge up to 80%. With this charger, you can also charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery, which supports 27-watt fast charging technology, very quickly. In addition, the adapter will work for other tech giants, including the Apple Watch.

Apple’s new charger price

The new adapter will come with the MacBook Air M2 for $ 1,199. Also individually, it can be priced $ 59 Bought.

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