Apple increases the order volume of the Old LG display by 100%

Apple increases the order volume of the Old LG display by 100%

LG is set to work more closely with Apple this year to provide more of the old display required by the iPhone 13 series. It is said that the order volume of the old display of this mobile phone, which is supposed to be supplied by LG, will increase by 100% compared to the previous year.

Apple enlisted the help of LG to supply part of the old display needed for the iPhone 12 series, and this trend seems to continue to supply the next-generation iPhone display.

According to the latest report released by the research agency “Omdia” in this regard, ‌ this year Al-LG will send about 169 million units of OLED panels to Apple, which will increase by 47.6% compared to last year. . Estimates suggest that Samsung has 110 million units, LG about 50 million units and BOE 9 million units of OLED panels required by the company. provide.

Last year, the figure was 89.6 million for Samsung and 25 million for LG. Thus, compared to last year, the shipments of these two companies have increased by 22.8 and 100%, respectively.

Also in 2020, Samsung’s display market share for the iPhone OLED panels was 78.3%, which if the estimates are correct, this figure will be reduced to 65.1% this year. On the other hand, LG’s share will increase from 21.8% to 29.6% and the share of the Chinese company BOE will be 5.3%.

According to estimates, Apple will be the largest buyer of OLED panels for phones this year, and 78% of all iPhones use these panels. According to the report, Samsung is expected to use 157 million OLED panels in its handsets this year, and Xiaomi will be the third largest buyer of OLED panels with 67 million units.

According to the report, 584.5 million units of OLED panels will be offered this year, which shows a 28% increase compared to last year. Of these, about 335.5 million units are flexible OLED panels and 249 million units are hard OLED panels.

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