Apple is changing its in-app payment policy in favor of some developers

اپل سیاست پرداخت درون برنامه‌ای خود را به نفع برخی توسعه دهندگان تغییر می‌دهد

While Apple app developers still believe that the new changes to the App Store have not solved the problem, it seems that the Cupertinoites are planning to make a new change. According to Apple’s decision, some applications, such as Netflix and Spotify, can transfer users to their website at the time of registration, thus bypassing Apple’s in-app payment system and 30% of its fee.

Apple in its press release Claims This action ends the investigation of the Japan Fair Trade Commission, and at present this decision is only available for a group of applications such as Netflix, Spotify and Hulu.

The Japan Fair Trade Commission is also in Your press release He confirmed the agreement, saying that Apple’s action would remove the charge of “violation of antitrust law.” The commission, which has been investigating Apple since 2016, is committed to reporting on annual app transparency over the next three years.

Currently, Netflix and Spotify apps will not work on iOS if they do not have a subscription. Both of these include the login page and there is no option to link to the website. On the other hand, the Amazon Kindle app has a new account creation page in its app, but does not allow users to make purchases, and you must go to your phone’s browser to purchase books or other items.

With its new claim, Apple will allow developers of these applications to share their website links so that users can create and manage their own accounts. Apple also states that it will help developers of these applications to protect users when transferring to an external website for purchase. However, the California-based tech giant thinks it will provide specific instructions on how to display these links. It is also unclear whether developers will be able to announce their pricing in this way.

In this regard, the South Korean parliament this week passed a bill called the “Anti-Google law”, which changes the payment structure of developers to Google and Apple app stores, and technology giants should be able to use the systems. Provide alternative payment for them.

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