Apple is exploring the idea of ​​using health sensors in the MacBook Pro

Apple has added a new company to the MacBook Pro Apple is exploring the idea of ​​using health sensors in the MacBook Pro 1

According to information from a new patent, Apple is considering how to add a biometric tracking sensor to the rest of the hand on laptops. So the same technology used in the Apple Watch will probably come to the MacBook Pro.

Cupertinos in a new patent that has just hit the internet Has found a way Describe the status of a portable device that has an integrated biosensor. Although the technology in this patent can be applied to different parts of the MacBook Pro, the designs in this patent refer to the place where the hands rest.

“Many older portable electronic devices are designed to receive similar information only through keyboards or input devices,” the patent said in part. “However, there are few traditional notebooks that have advanced sensors or sophisticated monitoring methods.”

Apple has proposed the use of a biosensor that is embedded in the surface of portable electronic devices. “Apple’s electronics include a matte layer that sits on a translucent layer and contains very small holes,” the patent reads. “These small holes are designed to cover the light source and light receiver if the biosensor does not work.”

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Apple says that the light source transmits light or other optical energy through small holes to a part of the user’s body. The light receiver then receives its reflection and records the necessary information. Apple continues: “The biosensor is placed next to the keyboard and the part of the body that rests on it is the user’s palms. The light source is also a green LED light. “The biosensor is designed to detect the blood vessels in the user’s body.”

The company says that in order to prevent the visible spectrum of LED light from being visible, a proximity sensor may be used so that the sensors can start operating only if the hand is placed on the relevant location.

Although the patent focuses on health capabilities, Apple’s technology could have other applications, such as detecting ambient light conditions. Also, if the device can not detect the user’s palm for a certain period of time, the device can be locked or turned off automatically.

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