Apple is increasing its number of physical stores despite the Corona virus

اپل با وجود ویروس کرونا، تعداد فروشگاه‌های فیزیکی خود را افزایش می‌دهد

Despite the effects of the Corona virus epidemic on physical stores, Apple has announced that it wants to continue expanding the number of Apple stores and will soon open more in-house stores.

Apple already has many physical stores around the world and is constantly repairing and renovating them. But Bloomberg in New report He says the Cupertinos now want to increase the number of Apple stores. Apple’s senior vice president of retail, Deirdre O’Brien, recently confirmed this in an interview with a German media outlet.

“People can learn a lot about products on our online site,” says O’Brien. But in stores, they can pick up products and feel them. “We intend to increase the number of our stores.” He did not provide further details, and we do not even know if the stores will open around the world or be limited to the United States.

Apple’s more serious focus on the retail market reflects the company’s confidence that things will return to normal. In the past year, large retail companies, including the Topshop chain, have disappeared, and companies such as Microsoft have closed their stores permanently.

Apple has also been somewhat affected by the outbreak of the Corona virus. But he still has hope for the future, and recently opened a large Apple Store in Rome, Italy. The Cupertinos are also building their second physical store in Berlin, Germany. Apple currently has 511 stores worldwide, of which more than 100 are located in Europe.

Apple announced this year that it would invest about 1 billion euros in Munich, Germany, to build a center for the design of computer chips. Now O’Brien has confirmed that the company will certainly have more plans in this area and wants to expand its operations globally.

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