Apple is likely to be sued by the European Commission following Spotify’s complaint

Apple is likely to be sued by the European Commission following Spotify's complaint

The European Union (EU) is likely to formally accuse the company of pressuring its rivals by abusing its superior position, following an investigation by Spotify into Apple’s anti-competitive behavior.

The European Union’s anti-monopoly body has been investigating Spotify’s allegations of unfair treatment of its competitors since 2019. Now the news agency Reuters According to informed sources, the European Commission has sent a document called the protest statement to Apple before the summer, and Sama will accuse the company. The indictment includes information about behaviors that should be removed for policy reform and may also specify Apple’s fine rate.

There is no confirmation of a fine or acceptance of the charges yet, but according to some EU sources, it could change Apple’s business model.

Spotify’s main complaint against Apple includes criticism of restrictions on some of its technologies, such as Siri Smart Assistant. Last year, Spotify CEO Daniel Eck announced that the company was finally able to obtain a license to use Siri for its voice support. The company also complained about 30 percent of the cost Apple receives from app developers for using its in-app purchasing system.

On the other hand, Apple had previously stated in its blog that AppAstore has helped Spotify a lot to become the largest music distribution service in Europe with hundreds of millions of downloads, and receiving a fee is necessary to promote App Store apps; However, under intense pressure, the company was forced to halve fees for some developers.

The news came as Britain launched an investigation into allegations of Apple’s anti-competitive behavior yesterday.

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