Apple is likely to increase the price of the iPhone 13

اپل احتمالا قیمت آیفون ۱۳ را افزایش می‌دهد

TSMC, the supplier of the iPhone chip, is reportedly looking for a price increase of 3 to 20 percent and plans to implement these price changes from early next year. As production costs rise, Apple will also have to raise the price of the iPhone 13.

Over the past year, many companies have faced various production problems. In this regard, the cost of production of iPhone chips by TSMC has increased. Based on Report According to the Digitimes website, if TSMC raises prices, Apple will have to follow suit.

According to informed sources, for advanced manufacturing process technologies less than 7 nanometers, TSMC increases its price by 3 to 10 percent. Sources also said that supplying the chips needed by Apple, TSMC’s largest customer, would increase prices by about 3 to 5 percent. It is said that Apple intends to increase the price of the iPhone 13 to compensate for the increase in costs.

Apple has made significant improvements to the iPhone 13 series this year. Notable features include a 120Hz display refresh rate, a smaller selfie camera aperture, increased battery capacity, and overall camera and display enhancements.

Apple plans to unveil the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 at an all-digital event in the next few weeks. Earlier in the day, it was reported that Apple will likely start selling the iPhone 13 series on Friday, September 17th, and the third-generation AirPad will launch on Thursday, September 30th. he does.

Given Apple’s past events, it is likely that the unveiling of the next iPhones will take place on September 7 (September 16), September 14 (September 23) and September 21 (September 30).

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