Apple is likely to unveil a 14.1-inch iPad Pro this year with 16GB of RAM and an M2 chip

اپل احتمالا امسال از آیپد پرو 14.1 اینچی با 16 گیگابایت رم و چیپ M2 رونمایی می‌کند

According to reports from some sources, Apple is apparently working on an updated version of IPad Pro Themselves is the first of the display 14.1 inches With Chip M2 benefits.

If the report provided by This source on Twitter True, this will be the company’s first 14.1-inch tablet, as well as the largest tablet ever made by Apple. Currently, iPad Pro tablets come in two sizes 11 what about this And 12.4 what about this Are available.

Possible specifications of Apple iPad Pro 2022

According to available reports, this year’s iPad Pro models will be launched with a basic configuration of 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory. However, if they also use Apple’s new M2 processor, they will become the most powerful tablet on the market today.

However, the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models can not be expected to change much from their predecessors. So far, some reports have suggested that the 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro 2022 may come with narrower bezels than before. Also, the 11-inch version is not equipped with a mini LED display.

Although there is no word on when Apple will release future tablets, it is likely that these devices will be introduced with the next generation iPhone. The Apple Watch 8 Series and AirPad Pro 2 could also be introduced at this event.

IPad Pro

Apple recently hosted WWDC 2022, where we saw the latest software and hardware advancements from the Cupertino-based giant. For full information on this event and the items introduced in it, such as iOS 16 and the M2 chip, you can refer to the article “Everything that happened at Apple WWDC 2022”.

At the conference, Apple also unveiled a new version of the iPadOS 16 operating system for tablets, which includes redesigning the Home app and support for Passkey in the Safari browser.

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