Apple is reducing production of the iPhone 13 due to lack of chips

هزینه گمرکی انواع مدل گوشی آیفون ۱۳ در گمرک ایران چقدر است؟

to the Bloomberg ReportThe shortage of chips has affected the production of various iPhone 13 models, and Apple has been forced to reduce its production volume by 10 million iPhones.

Apple had planned to produce 90 million iPhone 13s in the last three months of this year, but apparently now Apple’s manufacturing partners have been notified to reduce production figures. Broadcom and Texas Instruments do not seem to be able to provide enough parts to produce this volume of iPhone 13, and Apple has been forced to make that decision.

Chip shortages can also affect the delivery time of the iPhone 13, and more delivery time may be considered during the holiday season.

According to iFixit autopsy video, various iPhone 13 models equipped with Broadcom AFEM-8215 module and Broadcom BCM59365 wireless receiver with display power management IC, array driver, LED flash driver and dual repeater use Texas Instruments.

Apple has been struggling with chip shortages for months, and apparently when ordering devices like the MacBook Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iMac, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, some other products from the Apple website have longer delivery times than usual.

In September, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Koo said that Apple was halving the MacBook supply due to a lack of parts, which may not be good for the next-generation MacBook Pro, which is set to launch on October 18. . This is due to the lack of integrated power management circuits, which seems to be the case with various iPhone models now.

The problem of chip shortages seems to continue until 2022, which has also affected the supply of Apple products. However, Apple is one of the companies that has suffered the least from this issue.

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