Apple is working on a smart ring for augmented and augmented reality use

Apple is working on a smart ring for augmented and augmented reality use

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has shared information about Apple’s new patent for a smart ring equipped with an SMI sensor. The Apple Smart Ring can be used as an accessory for a variety of augmented reality, virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

Information published through the website «Patently AppleIt shows that the Cupertinos have been working since 2015 to develop an intelligent ring as an accessory for virtual reality glasses or headsets. Apple has already filed another patent for the smart ring, but the new patent documentation file shows some differences.

According to the patent files, هوشمند The smart ring is equipped with a gesture-based input system with an SMI sensor that can be used individually, in multiples or with an Apple Pencil for various AR, VR and MR applications. The SMI sensor can be used to measure the relative movement between a sensor and a specific target, such as a surface or an object.

The smart ring is equipped with transceiver equipment to communicate with other devices and interact well with Apple’s smart glasses or virtual reality and augmented headsets.

Apple’s patent images show that the system consists of two smart rings that can be easily used on the thumb and forefinger, and the user uses his fingers in which the smart ring is located for some movements such as zooming or rotating.

It remains to be seen when Apple will launch the new smart ring system. Is it possible that at the same time with the unveiling of the virtual reality headset and Apple augmented reality next year, we will see the introduction of the smart ring or not.

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