Apple is working on developing devices with a clear glass body

اپل روی توسعه دستگاه‌هایی با بدنه شیشه‌ای و شفاف کار می‌کند

Over the past eight years, Apple has filed various patents for the design of devices with glass bodies. The tech giant has now filed a new patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office, announcing the possible development of the iPhone, Mac Pro and Apple Watch all-glass.

Of all Apple’s patents, the iPhone is the most attractive, with a hexagonal glass case. benefits There is also a display on the front and back of the device. In addition, the edges of the device can also include a display, and overall this version of the iPhone is not unlike Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha.

Apple has also theorized that a multifaceted glass case (and, of course, screens that are visible from multiple sides of the glass) can be used to display content at such different levels. For example, consider a panoramic image that stretches across the front panel of the device to the back.

Also in this design, the icons can be easily moved in different levels and more improved methods for navigating the page are provided. For example, in this version, in addition to the usual method of top-down, users can also move diagonally on a page.

Apple also adds that the shape of the sides of the glass iPhone can be changed to perform certain commands. For example, users can increase or decrease the volume of their music or video by pressing some edges of the phone.


As mentioned, Apple is not only considering making a glass iPhone, but also designs of the Mac Pro with an all-glass structure and transparent design, as well as an Apple Watch with a case made of more than glass.

However, one of the biggest problems with glass devices is their strength, and apparently Apple is aware of this problem as well, and intends to cover its device housing with thick walls that increase the device’s strength and resistance to cracking.

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