Apple lags behind Disney and Tesla; Third place in the “Brand Intimacy” category

اپل از دیزنی و تسلا عقب ماند؛ کسب رتبه سوم در رده‌بندی «صمیمیت برند»

«Brand sincerityThe relationship of each company and the degree of intimacy of that group with Customers it shows. Based on data from the institute MBLM، Apple In terms of brand intimacy, it is in third place after Disney and Tesla.

According to a study by the institute, three technology brands are among them 10 brands Superior Show that two technology brands have been added to the top ten list over the past year.

“Mario Natarley” from the institute MBLM Says:

“We are excited to share the results of the ‘Brand Intimacy’ survey. The use of big data and artificial intelligence helps us to achieve a higher level of information. Using a new method, we were able to achieve better results. “With the help of this data, we can assess consumers’ feelings more realistically and clearly.”

Top ten brands in terms of intimacy with customers

During 2021, the Institute MBLM In collaboration with Relative Insight and Allen Advanced Analytics, more than 600 brands and more than 1.4 billion words used in platforms Social Networks Examined the selection.

This institute uses Artificial intelligence, Text analysis, language processing, emotions and some other criteria about brand intimacy, finally determined the score and ranked the relevant brands based on it. As much as this score counts 100 The closer it is, the better, and it shows that the company has been able to establish a better and stronger emotional relationship with its customers.

The results of these surveys show that Disney was in first place, Tesla in second place and Apple in third place.

MBLM has identified the top ten brands with their ratings:

  • Disney – 68.1
  • Tesla – 67.4
  • Apple – 65.3
  • Sony – 65.0
  • YouTube – 64.3
  • Mercedes – 63.9
  • Joe Trader – 59.8
  • Netflix – 59.6
  • Android – 59.1
  • Sega – 59.1

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