Apple lags behind the tech giants in its list of most well-known brands

Apple goes to court for hosting illegal gambling apps

The results of a survey of corporate reputations show that Apple has been ranked 46th in the new list of the world’s top 100 companies and is now almost below all the major companies in the world of technology.

The company RepTrak, which is conducting the survey, Says Getting on this list in 2021 has been harder than ever. The average score of companies has reached 75 this year, which is the highest score in recent years. Apple is ranked 46th with a score of 74.9, followed by MasterCard at 47th.

According to RepTrak, the Lego Group is the most well-known brand in the world so far in 2021. In the following categories, we see the names “Rolex”, “Ferrari”, “Bush Group” and “Harley-Davidson”, respectively. The full list of 10 world famous companies is as follows:

  1. گرو لگو
  2. Rolex
  3. Ferrari
  4. Bush Group
  5. Harley-Davidson
  6. Cannon
  7. Adidas
  8. Walt Disney
  9. Microsoft
  10. Sony

Among the tech giants, Microsoft, Google, Intel and Samsung are higher than Apple. However, Amazon is ranked 92nd and Tesla is ranked 56th, and Facebook has no place in this list of 100 at all. RepTrak says about its classification:

“Creating a sense of connection with people has been very important in this difficult year. “Durable goods and clothing, technology (hardware and software) and household and personal products surpassed other products after a year on which the world relied for productivity, entertainment, comfort and safety.”

The results of this survey say that different generations look at companies with different perspectives. Generation Z (born in the 1980s onwards) are pessimistic about big companies. But the “millennial generation” (born in the 60s and 80s) have the most positive view of all groups. Generations earlier than the millennial generation are somewhere between the two groups.

RepTrak ranks companies on a scale of zero to one hundred based on various criteria such as products and services, innovation, performance, policies, leadership status and work environment. The results of the latest classification of this company are obtained from the information that has been collected in the period of December 2020 to January 2021.

The companies surveyed in the survey must have a value of at least $ 2 billion and a global reputation threshold of 20%. In addition, being on this list of 100 required a minimum of middle points.

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