Apple Music doubles Spotify’s royalties for artists

Apple Music doubles Spotify's royalties for artists

According to reports, Apple is ready to send a letter to the artists inviting them to work in the Apple Music service. The point of this letter is to mention the payment of one cent per stream per stream, which is estimated to be almost double the Spotify payment.

According to reports Wall street JournalStreaming services, especially in the current context of concerts and tours being canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic, try to tell artists that they support them. Hence, Apple has recently invested in an independent platform called UnitedMasters.

Trademark owners have previously publicly complained about the current state of dividends on streaming services, so that they may be able to find new avenues for negotiating with Apple Music and Spotify. Now, although Apple Music pays a higher fee for each stream, the ultimate profit for artists on the Spotify service is greater, as the service has more users.

Apple Music last announced in June 2019 that the number of users of this platform has exceeded 60 million. According to the latest statistics, Spotify has more than 150 million paid subscribers and 200 million subscribers of this service use the plan without advertising.

In an open letter to artists, Apple said it believed in equal pay for all producers, and that composers should never have to pay for their products. Of course, this rate of one cent does not go directly to the pockets of artists, because there are many legal owners. As a result, only a small part of this tradition reaches the artist himself.

However, given that the monthly subscription fee for streaming services is around $ 10, companies will not be able to maneuver much on the cost of paying artists and significantly increase their share rates.

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