Apple negotiates with TSMC to produce 3nm chips in America

Apple negotiates with TSMC to produce 3nm chips in America

Many people probably have criticisms of former US President Donald Trump, but one of the things he tried to do was focus on production TeraShHey The semiconductor was in America, as a result, since then, the world’s top foundry and chip manufacturing company, TSMC, has announced that it is going to open a factory in Arizona in 2024, and in this regard, Apple is also negotiating with this company to transfer the production of 3 chips. It is a nanometer into the United States.

As much as the chip node manufacturing technology decreases, more transistors can be embedded in it, and in this regard, the power of the chipset also increases. Previously, Samsung and TSMC were the only companies that had made new innovations in this field, but Samsung’s 4nm chips were facing the problem of high heat and overheating, and in this regard, TSMC’s 4nm manufacturing technology was able to perform best in this sector. got.

Samsung eventually decided to abandon work on 3nm nodes, and the company has focused its recent efforts on developing 3nm nodes. TSMC is also active in this sector and the company is going to produce the 3nm A17 Bionic chips for the new iPhones iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra next year.

Apple TSMC chip

Apple and the Taiwanese chipmaker have been working together effectively for years, and Apple accounts for approximately 25% of TSMC’s revenue. With the spread of Corona and increasing tensions between China and America, some American companies have moved their investment and production chain from China to Vietnam, Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Some analyzes also state that it will take nearly 8 years for the company to completely reduce Apple’s dependence on China. China is also trying to become self-sufficient in the production of advanced chips. TSMC’s factory in Arizona probably won’t come on line until 2025, when Apple’s products will likely use 2nm chips. However, there is also a possibility that these chips will also be produced within the US itself by that year.

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