Apple Privacy Goggles hide the contents of the screen from others

عینک حریم خصوصی اپل محتوای نمایشگر را از دید سایرین پنهان می‌کند

Apple is working on developing new glasses that allow users to view the contents of the iPhone screen, but the content is not visible to people without glasses.

The patent for the glasses was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and documents related to it have been shared that show Apple is paying more and more attention to user privacy.

As in this report As mentioned, Apple’s patent for a system that makes the contents of the screen visible only to the user of the device.

Interestingly, one of the features described in this patent is the “privacy glasses” that make it impossible for people around you to see the content displayed on the phone, because it is only used to see what can be displayed on the screen. It is from these glasses. Given that Apple is working on its augmented reality headset, having such a feature could lead to huge sales.

The description of this patent states:

One of the new and key dimensions discussed in this patent is “privacy glasses”. In some cases, the user may interact with the calibration graphics to intentionally blur the graphic output provided. For this reason, if the user wants privacy or does not want people close to him to see what is visible on his screen, he can interact with the calibration graphics to have an illegible graphic output.

In addition to new privacy technology, Apple appears to be working on Face ID profiles. The Cupertino patent also describes another system that can detect unique details of a user’s face, such as hairstyle, beard, mustache, glasses, and more.

Finally, it should be noted that Apple is not necessarily going to use its patents in real products. However, it remains to be seen what technologies the tech giant is working on to increase the value of its ecosystem.

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