Apple seeks to diversify the MacBook production line in Vietnam

Apple seeks to diversify the MacBook production line in Vietnam

Based on a GazaRSh New Apple is looking to diversify its Macbook laptop production line, and this company is going to transfer a part of the production line of this series of products to Vietnam. Apple has been manufacturing its MacBooks in China for a long time and the company has so far been unwilling to move the production line outside of this country, however, in the latest reports, the Nikkei Asia media claimed that Foxconn, a long-time supplier of MacBook parts, is working in Vietnam. The contract is closed.

Interestingly, other Apple product lines already have alternatives outside of China, and MacBooks are the latest series of products that Apple believes needs product line diversity. Apple could have several reasons for diversifying its MacBook line outside of China, and one of the most important issues is China’s strict coronavirus restrictions and the country’s recent relationship with the United States.

Until just a few weeks ago, China was following the zero-covid policy and people suffering from this disease were subjected to strict quarantines, so that in some cases they were denied the permission to travel freely. In recent days, China has begun easing some of its strict policies and allowing infected people to quarantine at home instead of in government facilities. However, there are many uncertainties in this regard, and in the past months, Foxan employees stopped working and assembling iPhone products due to the severity of these problems.

MacBook Vietnam

However, the problem of Covid may be short-term, but the main and long-term issue from Apple’s point of view is the US sanctions against Chinese companies and the tension in the relations between these two countries in recent years. Sanctions have prevented Chinese companies from acquiring chips made using advanced American technologies. By transferring a part of the production line of MacBook products from China to Vietnam, Apple can reduce at least some of the geopolitical complications and problems governing the company’s production dependence on China.

The Nikkei Asia report also reveals that Apple has already set up a pilot production line in Vietnam for its MacBooks and could begin full-scale production as early as May 2023. According to media reports, Apple plans to have active production lines outside of China for all its products, and after the completion of the production line, all Apple products in Vietnam will have at least one more production line outside of China.

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