Apple supply chain in India affected by new wave of Corona virus

زنجیره تامین اپل در هند تحت تاثیر موج جدید ویروس کرونا قرار گرفت

Thirteen employees at Wistron and Foxconn from Apple’s supply chain in India became infected with the Corona virus. This incident disrupted some of the activities of these two factories, but now it seems that the activities have returned to normal.

Foxconn Saturday approved 10 Chinese engineers have taken coronas at a factory in Chennai, India. When the test results were positive, they were immediately quarantined at a hospital in the same area. Following this incident, the Foxconn plant was disinfected but continued to operate. The management of this factory has announced that it will provide the necessary equipment to its employees to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.

The Central News Agency says Foxconn is ready to make the necessary changes to counter the new wave of the Corona virus, following local government policies. However, sources reported that due to the negative effects of the plant closure, the government allowed Foxconn to keep the production line active and not shut down.

The outbreak of Corona virus in Foxconn is not the only event that is likely to affect Apple’s supply chain in India. Wistron had announced five days before the discovery of the Covid-19 cases, and the corona test of three of its engineers at the Kular, Karnataka plant was positive.

Wisteron notified local authorities as soon as he learned that employees were infected with the Corona virus and shut down the plant for five days to disinfect the environment in accordance with prevention protocols. During this time, other forces were monitored and preparations made for their vaccination.

Foxconn and Wisteron are among the key members of Apple’s supply chain that assemble the company’s end products. It is unknown at this time what effect this will have on Apple products, but since Foxconn has not been shut down for a long time, we probably will not see a serious product line problem.

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