Apple wants to equip its smart glasses with the ability to unlock other gadgets

Apple wants to equip its smart glasses with the ability to unlock other gadgets

In a recent patent, Apple revealed how to use smart glasses to unlock other devices. Described. This is the same way Apple Watch uses to unlock MacBook.

When users work with multiple connected and synchronized devices at the same time; Unlocking each of them individually is annoying.

To solve this problem, Cupertino residents are looking for solutions that provide users with a better user experience while not compromising security.

Apple’s recent patent states that it has developed a way to unlock and access other connected devices. In this case, users can work with different devices without time delay and in the fastest possible time.

The patent does not explicitly state the name of the Apple glasses; But the explanations that have been made about it show that Cupertino residents are trying to add this feature to their smart glasses.

Authentication is one of the most important issues for some users. Apple also pays attention to this issue, and the patent mentions important factors such as the proximity of connected devices and their level of access so that the security of users is not questioned.

In this way, Apple also points out that the user may not want to unlock without his approval. In this method, in addition to the proximity of new glasses and tools, unlocking can be made conditional on performing certain tasks such as looking at the device, turning the head in a certain direction and performing a certain movement gesture.

The same approach is now applied to Apple glasses, and we have to see if this gadget will be unveiled in the future with such a feature or not.

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