Apple Watch 7 Series Comes to Optimize Larger Display with New Face Faces

Release of renderings of Apple Watch 7 series with different Apple Watch 7 Series Comes to Optimize Larger Display with New Face Faces 1

According to most reports, Apple will increase the dimensions of the next generation Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch 7 Series will enter the market in 41 and 45 mm versions. Now it seems that the Cupertinos want to equip their next generation of smartwatches with new watch faces to make the most of these larger displays.

Bloomberg correspondent Mark Gorman said in his latest report that the next-generation Apple Watch has a larger case size that fits in with the rumors of the past, thanks to the smaller bezels and flat edges.

The Apple Watch 7 Series will be available in 41 and 45 mm versions, which will be larger than the Apple Watch 40 and 44 mm. Gorman says Apple needs to use New watch faces Uses:

“Apple’s smartwatches are coming in 41 and 45mm versions this year, and Apple is moving to several new watches to make the most of the larger display, including an updated version of the Infograph Modular watch. This will be the second time in the history of the Apple Watch that the screen has been enlarged. “The first time is for the Apple Watch 4 Series in 2017.”

Apple is considering these new watches exclusively for Apple Watch 7 Series users and is not expected to make them available to older generations of its smartwatch through a software update.

Along with changes to the look, such as less screen margins as well as flat edges, the next-generation Apple Watch will perform better and also have more charge.

This product is expected to be introduced alongside the iPhone 13 in late September and will be available to buyers in early autumn. Before the introduction, however, the counterfeit version now retails for $ 60 in China, which is a good indication of the design of the official version, although Apple’s product is likely to be thinner.

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