Apple will equip its cars with advanced lead technology

Apple will equip its cars with advanced lead technology

In recent months, there have been rumors that Apple is building self-driving cars. It is now said that the company is in talks with various providers to supply the original parts of its car and acquire the leading technology.

Apple is building its own cars and could become Tesla’s biggest competitor. Although the technology is likely to be launched in the next five years, Apple now needs to work with another automaker to launch the line.

The company will mass-produce Apple cars while Apple itself will be responsible for designing the car’s interior experience and power supply software. One of the main strengths of Apple under Tim Cook is the creation of important partnerships that enable the company to start producing products that other competitors cannot.

Now, in a new report, it has been announced that Apple is in talks to buy and use LED sensors on cars. Is yourself. These sensors, which measure distances, have previously been used on the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. Apple is looking for a new generation of lead technology for its car that allows the car to consider its surroundings and move around. Of course, Apple is not the only company that intends to use this technology in its cars.

The report notes that Apple is in talks with several suppliers to acquire the technology. The report also states that Apple cars will be ready for mass production in the next 5 years.

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Apple has been testing its cars on the roads of California since 2017, and initially used the leading technology produced for the market.

Finally, it should be noted that Apple relies on custom components (such as custom chips on the iPhone and Mac) to produce its products, in addition to developing and developing its own hardware.

Recently, however, there have been rumors that Hyundai and Kia are competing to co-produce Apple cars. Therefore, it seems that Apple will manage the hardware and software of this technology, and Hyundai and Kia will assemble the final product in addition to producing the chassis of this car. However, both Hyundai and Kia have denied any involvement with Apple.

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