Apple’s augmented reality headset is likely to arrive in 2023 due to development problems

هدست واقعیت ترکیبی اپل بخاطر مشکلات در توسعه احتمالا سال 2023 از راه می‌رسد

According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple Combined Reality Headset Which was expected to be introduced in 2022, due to problems in the development process, probably by 2023 Will not be introduced.

Apple Combined Reality Headset Problems

Among the problems reported for Apple’s augmented reality headsets can be: Overheating He also mentioned the camera software challenges. Recent rumors about the headset have suggested that the device will use two chips, and Bloomberg believes that at least one of them will have the same chip level. M1 Pro It will be available in the latest MacBook Pro, and it seems that the same chip has caused thermal problems.

Bloomberg in his report According to people familiar with Apple’s plans, it claims that the tech giant originally intended to introduce the headset in 2021 and launch it in 2022. The Cupertinos then decided to introduce it at the event Developers 2022 And now, according to reports, this has been delayed for another year.

In previous examples, manufacturers solved the problem of overheating their devices using an external processor that transmitted data wirelessly to the headset. However, according to reports, Apple does not use such a system in its headset.

Due to the problems, Apple plans to postpone the release of its headset until late 2022 or early 2023. The tech giant has apparently raised the issue with its suppliers, but is still pushing them to have several devices available by the end of 2022. LG Inotech is set to begin production of headset cameras in the second quarter of this year.

The company is now said to be focusing specifically on building virtual reality and augmented reality applications to launch the App Store headset for its 2023 developer event.

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