Apple’s car will probably be equipped with infrared headlights for better visibility

Apple's car will probably be equipped with infrared headlights for better visibility

We’ve been seeing reports of Apple cars for a long time, and now the latest report gives us information about the headlights. It is possible that this electric car will have infrared headlights to improve visibility.

According to Recent Report, Cupertinos are working on infrared or infrared headlights, which improves the driver’s vision up to 3 times compared to conventional headlights. In addition, Apple wants this electric and self-driving car to be able to see the space around it even in complete darkness.

This vehicle must be able to identify obstacles, hazards and other road problems. Apple’s recent patent refers to an advanced and sophisticated night vision system that could be used in the company’s car.

The Cupertino-based vision system uses visible, near-infrared (NIR) and long-wave infrared (LWIR) sensors to improve vision in low light conditions without causing problems for the vehicle.

the door This patent It is stated that the low range of object detection can reduce occupant safety:

“A limited effective range of nearly 60 meters to identify and classify objects can reduce safety and also reduce the speed at which the vehicle can safely travel the desired distance.”

According to Apple, this new system can increase the effective range for identifying objects to 200 meters, which is significant.

This range allows Cupertino cars to detect an obstacle before it hits, while at the same time being able to make the best decision to minimize the risk of an accident.

Finally, we have to point out that we are dealing with a patent and there is no guarantee that it will enter the Apple car. It takes several years for such products to hit the market, so perhaps the Cupertinos will have more advanced systems in that time.

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