Apple’s electric car with a dedicated chip will probably be introduced in 2025

خودرو برقی اپل با تراشه اختصاصی احتمالا ۲۰۲۵ معرفی می‌شود

According to Bloomberg, Apple has completed the main processes for the development of its own electric vehicle chip, and we will probably see its unveiling in 2025.

The long-rumored Apple electric car project has struggled throughout its development, but now the tech giant seems to have consolidated its project policy, leading to the production of Apple’s first electric car by the year. 2025 is coming.

Mark Gorman from Bloomberg It is reported that Apple has completed many major works to develop a new processor that will supply the company’s electric vehicle project line, codenamed Titan.

The chip was apparently designed by Apple’s Silicon team, and Gorman described it as the “most advanced component” ever developed for the project. According to the report, the Cupertino-based tech giant is reportedly preparing to test the chip in its test vehicles and hopes to make the car safer than the Tesla and Vaimo models.

Now the goal of the Titan project, after several fundamental changes, is to create a self-propelled vehicle that has no steering wheel. The interior of the Apple electric car is said to be spacious and large, and more like the arrangement of limousine seats shown by the Canoo electric car startup in the prototypes. There will also be a large touch screen, such as an iPad, that runs an iOS-like interface.

However, it seems that Apple’s business model has not been determined yet. The tech giant plans to compete with other companies such as Uber, Waimo and Lyft, but Gorman says in his report that the “more likely scenario” is for Apple to sell its cars directly to customers.

Apparently, Apple does not intend to develop a dedicated charging cable for its electric vehicles. Instead, it intends to adapt its vehicle to a “hybrid charging system” or CSS, which makes it possible to charge the vehicle at most public charging stations.

While there have been reports since the summer of Apple and Toyota working together to build an electric car, it has finally been decided that Apple will launch the electric car without the help of another company. Now it looks like Apple’s project is one step closer to its final development, and we’ll have to wait for more details.

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