Apple’s new patent announces the possibility of developing clothing with smart capabilities

Apple's new patent announces the possibility of developing clothing with smart capabilities

According to a new patent from Apple, the Cupertinos are developing “smart fabric buttons” that can be inserted into users’ clothing. Apple in the description of this patent Says This technology can be used to connect computers, telephones, watch straps, pendants and clothing such as hats, belts, wristbands, headbands, socks, gloves, shirts, pants, and more.

The idea is apparently at odds with Google’s idea for smart clothing called the Jacquard Project, which uses conductive fibers, sensors and “buttons” to communicate with smartphones. Among the products of the Jacquard project, we can mention a denim jacket that was made in collaboration with Levi Company and allows tapping on the sleeve of the garment to allow mobile control. Another product of this project is a backpack made in collaboration with Samsonite, which gives you the address in each turn and allows you to control the music through its straps.

Although we do not yet know how Apple intends to use its smart fabric, it is possible to use this technology in sportswear. The company has invested heavily in health in recent months and has launched services such as Apple Fitness Plus.

Apple’s patent explains that wearable devices with “smart buttons” can collect more private information about the user. For example, health and fitness data can be used to obtain information about a user’s overall health. This technology can also provide incentives for users to achieve health goals by providing positive feedback.

Sportswear with “smart buttons” allows the user to control sports applications in situations where the Apple Watch touch screen can not be used (for example, in the pool or when the user is wearing gloves). This technology, when connected to various sensors, can be used for activities such as yoga and weightlifting, and provides instant feedback on posture and body shape.

However, we must not forget that patents never guarantee the supply of a product. But given the direction that Apple has taken, it is unlikely that we will see such products from this company in the future.

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