Apple’s supplier has confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro will not have a static button

Apple's supplier has confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro will not have a static button

Cirrus Logic, one of Apple’s important suppliers, indirectly confirmed that iPhone 15 Pro models with non-moving buttons It will not have.

Part of the latest letter sent by Cirrus Logic to the shareholders is as follows: the new product that we mentioned in the previous letters and which is supposed to be introduced this fall, will not be launched on the market according to the previous plan. As we currently have limited visibility into our customers’ future plans for this product, we exclude revenue from this segment from our internal model.

Cirrus Logic’s mixed signal unit (HPMS) includes a haptic driver for the iPhone’s haptic engine. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the iPhone 15 Pro models will be equipped with two additional taptic motors that provide tactile feedback by pressing non-moving buttons. In one of its previous letters to shareholders, Cirrus Logic indirectly announced that it will supply the parts needed for these buttons.

Apple's supplier has confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro will not have a static button

“We continue to engage with our strategic customer and will likely introduce new HPMS components into smartphones next year,” the supplier said last year.

Apple is Cirrus Logic’s largest customer, accounting for 79 percent of its revenue in fiscal 2022. Analysts at Barclays say that Cirrus Logic’s new letter largely rules out the use of a static button on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

Last month, Ku explained that due to unresolved technical issues before mass production, iPhone 15 Pro models will no longer have non-moving buttons. He predicts that devices will still have traditional buttons that move when pressed. Rumors suggest that the Ring/Silent button will be replaced by a push button, and this button may be customizable like the Action button on the Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple analyst Jeff Poe believes that non-moving buttons are likely to return to iPhone 16 Pro models coming next year. But new comments from Cirrus Logic indicate that it currently has limited information on Apple’s future plans.

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