Approval to build a second 3nm chip manufacturing plant in Arizona and start operation in 2026

Approval to build a second 3nm chip manufacturing plant in Arizona and start operation in 2026

TSMC Recently, it held an event at the construction site of its factory in the state of Arizona, and in this regard, the company has confirmed the construction of a second factory in this region. In this regard, TSMC has stated that the first factory in Arizona will start manufacturing 4nm nodes in 2024, and the second factory of the company is going to start working with a focus on manufacturing 3nm nodes in 2026.

The total investment for the construction of these two factories in the United States has been announced at 40 billion dollars, and in this regard, it has been said that this investment is one of the largest foreign and direct investments in the United States and the state of Arizona. In addition, more than 10,000 construction workers are said to be involved in the construction of these plants, and TSMC’s two plants in Arizona are expected to create nearly 10,000 high-paying technology jobs, including 4,500 directly for TSMC. They will work.

Total investment of 40 billion dollars and production capacity of 600,000 wafers per year

After the completion and finalization of the two factories, both of these production complexes are expected to produce more than 600,000 wafers per year, and the final value in this regard is estimated to be more than 40 billion dollars. In line with TSMC’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing, the company is set to build an on-site industrial water reclamation and used water recycling plant, which will help the Taiwanese company reduce water consumption to near zero.

TSMC is building a second factory in Arizona

At the recent TSMC event in Arizona, CEOs of large technology companies were also present, and in this regard, we can mention Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and Lisa Su and Jensen Huang, CEOs of AMD and Nvidia. Tim Cook also announced at the event that Apple will use chips from the TSMC factory in Arizona in the future.

During the ceremony, TSMC also unveiled 6 tools to support the production of advanced VH chips, and some of the tools introduced were from top companies in the industry, such as Applied Materials, ASM, and ASML.

  • AMD is negotiating with TSMC to order its chips from a new factory in Arizona
  • Apple negotiates with TSMC to produce 3nm chips in America
  • TSMC’s Arizona factory technology will be upgraded from 5nm to 4nm
  • Price increase of TSMC chips – from 3nm to 5nm

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