Artificial intelligence uses sound to diagnose depression and anxiety

هوش مصنوعی از صدا برای تشخیص افسردگی و اضطراب استفاده می‌کند

Startup Artificial Intelligence Technology «KintsugiIt uses people’s voices to diagnose depression and anxiety. This software, which can be used in remote treatment centers, is processed Twenty seconds Conversation can score levels of anxiety or depression by “scoring”PHQ-9” And “GAD-7»Determine.

«Silva Olson“Immigrant from Kazakhstan and one of the founders and senior scientist of the startup”Kintsugi Mindful WellnessHe believes that sounds are very valuable and can help psychologists better support people with depression and anxiety.

The company is under construction Artificial intelligence software Analyzes short speech clips to diagnose depression and anxiety. This voice biomarker is used in remote health care centers and to monitor the health, screening and triage of patients seeking support to more quickly assess and respond to their needs.

Taiwanese immigrant «Grace ChangIs another founder of this startup. He and Olson both suffered from depression for many years and were dominated by men. After realizing the urgent need for psychologists and distance mental health care, they decided to start this startup every year. 2019 they got.

Previously, other companies such as “Ellipsis Health” And “Winter Light LabsThey were trying to diagnose mental health using acoustic biomarkers. Research has shown that a person’s voice can be linked to their mental health status.

In-person mental health centers typically use questionnaires to measure the severity of anxiety or depression in patients with scores of «PHQ-9” And “GAD-7They are famous. But when counseling to treat a patient’s mood turns into a phone call, the situation becomes difficult to diagnose.

Kintsugi startup’s artificial intelligence technology helps at this stage. This analysis tool, which has been used in a medical center for a few weeks, is used to diagnose depression or anxiety in pregnant women helped.

When the patient contacts the medical center and communicates, Kintsugi AI begins to record sound. After processing 20 seconds of speech, AI determines GAD-7 and PHQ-9 scores. The health center staff then decides what additional tests can determine the best way to treat the patient.

In addition to all the benefits of this method of diagnosing depression and anxiety, Dr.Jaskanwal Deep Singh»Cardiologist at the clinic«swimming suit“While this technology is promising for healthcare, there is a long way to go before it can be reliably upgraded,” he warns.

“Researchers need to make sure that this method is accurate enough and safe enough,” he concluded. “In other words, there should be no difference between a doctor’s diagnosis and the diagnosis of this intelligent system in the patient’s mental state so that it can be used universally.”

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