AsiaTek entered the stock market after four years of effort

آسیاتک بعد از چهار سال تلاش وارد بورس شد

AsiaTek Data Transmission Company overcame the challenge of entering the stock exchange of communication operator companies and was included in the second price list of the Tehran Stock Exchange with the symbol “AsiaTek”. The company is listed in اطلاعات “Information and Communication”, “Value Added Services” group and category with the industry code “7310” and the symbol “AsiaTek, ASIATECH” in the secondary market.

However, AsiaTek and its other FCP counterpart, the Shuttle In 2017, they had obtained the approval of the Stock Exchange Admission Board for admission to the list of secondary market rates of the stock exchange, but to date, more than four years have passed since this agreement, and despite AsiaTek entering the stock exchange, This can be achieved soon. Meanwhile, in 2016, AsiaTek had started its stock exchange process in a serious way, during a contract with Atieh Brokerage Company as an admission consultant.

The listing of Internet companies in the telecom market has been delayed for the past four years for unknown reasons. Finally, last year, the then Minister of Communications, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, announced the facilitation and efforts to offer the shares of these companies to the stock exchange. Jahromi believed that the entry of Internet companies into the stock market would remove obstacles to economic development and accelerate the development of national network infrastructure and the digital economy.

Mohammad Ali Yousefizadeh, CEO of AsiaTek, also announced in a media interview last year that the initial public offering of AsiaTek shares on the stock market would be possible by the end of the fall of 1999. “Since 1996, we have faced a challenge in the Exchange Organization that took about a year to resolve,” he said of AsiaTek’s delay in entering the stock market. In the meantime, we have had growth and capital growth, and we are already in the capital growth phase. At the end of these steps, the request for readmission occurs. “We hope to have stocks on the stock exchange in the late fall of 1999, given the circumstances.”

Now, exactly one year after this interview, AsiaTek Data Transmission Company was finally able to enter the stock market. Although this entry heralds a new chapter in the digital economy in the country, other companies in this field still did not enter the stock market, and in the next stages it remains to be seen whether this trend will continue or stop?

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