Asoud Hami Alkam Stars

Asoud Hami Alkam Stars

In line with global trends, in Iran, the country’s startup ecosystem is on its way to growth. One of the most important startup events in Iran is Alkamstars, which was held every year in the heart of the Elcamp exhibition, but this year the exhibition did not have the opportunity to be held due to the corona outbreak.

Over the past year, startups have played a very important role in business, health and education, and have shown their importance. For this reason, the activists in the field of information technology in the country in the organization of the country’s computer trade union decided to hold Alkamastars independently and in a virtual atmosphere this year.

What’s going on at Alkamastars this year?

This year, Alkamastars will be held in three sections: Alkampich, Capital Gateway and Shetab Pavilion, which provide a very valuable opportunity for startups and investors. This year, we will also see attractive performances that, after judging, will award prizes to the best. In Shetab Pavilion, valuable advice from experienced trainers will be provided to startups for free, and in one of the most attractive sections, with the cooperation of more than 20 investment groups to the top 6 startups, a total of 4 billion Tomans cheap loans and up to 18 billion credit Tomans will be awarded through co-investment.

Easy introduction

Four years ago, business Easy Like many of this year’s Alkamastars, there was almost nothing but an idea and a lot of motivation. Aswad is actually an online solution for distributing digital goods from major importers to retail stores. The creators and members of this startup, over the past four years, overcoming all the problems and obstacles, have today made Asoud a popular brand and a leading business in the digital goods market (B2B) of the country. Thousands of stores in all cities of the country have so far chosen Aswad as their supplier and benefited from its services.

But perhaps the greatest achievement of Asud, which exceeded expectations, can be summed up in two things. First, to make a big change in the structure of distribution of goods in the digital market of the country, which was previously quite traditional and monopolized by several intermediaries. The second achievement can be considered the brilliant welcome of customers in cities such as Oshnoyeh, Oraman Takht, Bozanat, Neymour, Shalamzar, Rudan and hundreds of other similar cities that are today the best companions of this business. This is important because, according to senior executives, fair access to products across the country has always been a goal and value in this business from the beginning.

Why Asoud has become a supporter of Alkam Stars?

In today’s challenging economic climate, economic activity has become difficult for large, well-established businesses, let alone startups and start-ups. Supporting startups from this perspective for Easy It is important that this ecosystem can play an important role in improving the economic structure of the country. But turning an idea into a successful business requires a lot of motivation, knowledge, and endless effort. As a supporter of Al-Kamastars, Aswad supports this brilliant economic trend.

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