Assemblies became more expensive; Cheap interiors

مونتاژی‌ها گران شدند؛ داخلی‌ها ارزان

Investigate car market price fluctuations Last night, news of Rising car prices Assembly and Cheaper domestic cars Gives. Pride, Peugeot and Samand are traded at a lower price in the market than in the past.

Car market Involved in recent days Unexpected fluctuations Is. Although there are many news about the increase in car prices in online spaces, but the price of domestic products increases one day and decreases the next. But the trend of increasing the price of assembled cars continues.

According to recent studies, Pride 131 In the last 24 hours, about one million tomans Cheaper And its current price 183 million Tomans Is.

Model 1400 Peugeot 206 Type Two It is about one million tomans cheaper and from 295 million in price 294 million Tomans it is arrived. also Model 1401 Type Two Peugeot 206 With a reduction of 2 million Tomans, with a price 304 million Tomans It is traded in the market.

Some Samand family cars Also with Lower price ratio They are sold to the past days. Samand LX Model 1401 And Samand LX EF7 Model 1399 Both with a decrease of 2 million tomans, respectively 306 and 316 million Tomans pricing be.

But despite the decline in domestic products, the market is facing an increase in the price of assembled cars. Price of Peugeot 2008 model 1399 It has increased by about 10 million tomans and to 380 million Tomans it is arrived.

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