Asus enables the TPM capability required by Windows 11 on its motherboards

ایسوس قابلیت TPM موردنیاز ویندوز ۱۱ را روی مادربردهای خود فعال می‌کند

One of the prerequisites for Windows 11, which has become a problem for many users, is the need for a TPM 2.0 chip. That’s why Asus has now updated many of its motherboards to enable the TPM feature to support the new version of Windows.

Activating the TPM chip is not difficult, as this option is available in the BIOS of many motherboards, but not every user may find it or at least think that activating the TPM is difficult. For this reason, Asus has considered the easiest way to enable this feature Dedicated page Embed on your website to provide users with a new version of its hardware BIOS.

Some Asus motherboards have already received the TPM support update and are ready to install Windows 11. The rest of the models are still being tested and you will probably have to wait a little longer to receive their updates. Although Asus has prepared the conditions for the installation of the Windows 11 preview, it emphasizes that this version is not yet complete and users should be careful in installing it.

ASRock has also reportedly released updates to enable TPM on its motherboards. To view the list of these updates, you can go to this page Browse and look for your motherboard. There are still many manufacturers who have not released such updates for their users, but we can hope that they will join the two companies soon.

Note that the motherboard update does not magically add support for Windows 11 and TPM to the device. This feature already exists on the motherboard and this update only activates it. Of course, not all motherboards are compatible with TPM, and you may not be able to finally install Windows 11 on your computer. We have already told you the requirements of this operating system in an article.

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