At least 115 high school students and teachers in New Jersey have been diagnosed with brain cancer

ابتلای حداقل 115 دانش آموز و معلم دبیرستانی در نیوجرسی به سرطان مغز

After studying people who had all studied or worked at a high school in New Jersey, scientists found that more than 100 of them had brain cancer. A team of radiologists has completed the initial examination. But it will take several weeks for researchers to come up with clues as to why.

City “WoodbridgeIn New Jersey, it has been a mystery for some time, and scientists have no answer. Over the past three decades, according to an environmental scientist who has led a team of researchers trying to understand this issue, At least 115 people After studying or working in a high school in this city, they have been diagnosed with brain cancer The cause is still unknown.

Fifty-year-old Al Lupiano, after the death of his sister due to “glioblastoma multiforme“An invasive malignant brain tumor begins to be investigated in high school”CologneHe did in this city. But brain cancer was not uncommon in the Lupiano family. Lupiano’s wife previously had a tumor in 2001. Mr Lupiano himself survived a brain tumor in 1999. “Our doctor was worried when he found out we all grew up in the same neighborhood,” Lupiano wrote on Facebook in March. Why? “There is a common cause for all of us – exposure to radiation.”

Lupiano promised his sister to find out exactly where brain cancer came from: their old high school.

Lupiano, who graduated from the high school in 1989, conducted a Facebook poll to reassure himself, asking locals if they knew anyone else who had brain cancer after studying and living in the area. “Lupiano says, ‘At least 115 people “The student and former employee all have brain tumors.”

According to the report «NJ Spotlight NewsThe type and severity of cancer varied for each patient reported. For example, Lupiano and his wife had benign tumors, while his sister and Fred 55 According to the list prepared by Lupiano, they died of the disease.

The school was built in 1967, but so far no potential radiation contamination has been identified in the area. Researchers establish radiology companies «T&M” And “Cabrera ServicesThey are trying to find a clue.

Radiological examinations of the area were completed on April 24, but the examination of the results will take several weeks. Due to these conditions and despite the concerns of staff and students, this high school continues to operate.

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