Attempts to double the power of nuclear fusion reactors by changing a 30-year rule

تلاش برای دو برابر کردن قدرت راکتورهای همجوشی هسته‌ای با تغییر یک قانون 30 ساله

Researchers say that in their studies they have found that Fuel density Nuclear fusion reactors can be much larger than previously restricted by one of the rules. Tokamak reactors are expected to be used to supply power in the future.

A group of scientists led by physicists at the Plasma Center of the Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne, Switzerland (EFPL) Found That the maximum density of hydrogen fuel in Tokamak reactors Can doubleGreenwald limit»Be. The Greenwald limit was reached more than 30 years before experimental experiments.

This finding will affect the operation of large ICT tokamac reactors under construction in the south of France. In addition, increasing fuel density can affect the design of the next generation International Experimental Thermonuclear Reactor (ITER) Which is called a nuclear fusion reactor DEMO It is known, it affects.

“The exact amount of this increase in density depends on the reactor power, but it can be estimated that the power increase in the ITER reactor will double,” said Paolo Ritchie of the Swiss Plasma Center. New scientists’ calculations are based on the Greenwald limit. This rule in the year 1988 By Martin Greenwald, physicist MIT University Was introduced.

Researchers in those years wanted to understand why, as fuel density exceeded a certain limit, fusion plasma practically uncontrollable It becomes. Greenwald achieved this limit based on the radius of the inner circle of the Tokamak reactor and the amount of electric current flowing through the plasma. However, scientists speculated that the Greenwald limit Modifiable But this rule has been considered a fundamental principle for more than 30 years and was one of the foundations of ITER design.

The power of nuclear fusion reactors increases

Researchers have recently examined the practical and theoretical experiments of Greenwald and have achieved a much higher fuel density limit, which increases the ITER capacity and design efficiency of DEMO reactors. Ritchie says their key finding was that with Increase the output power of fusion reactionsPlasma can have a denser fuel.

Apparently, it is not yet possible to say exactly how much this increase in density will affect the power output of Tokamak reactors. But this effect is likely to be significant, allowing fusion reactors to operate more easily. Ritchie adds: “[افزایش چگالی سوخت] Achieve conditions Safe And Stable “It makes fusion easier, and allows you to implement the mechanism you want and use the fusion reactor properly.”

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