Attorneys in all 37 US states sue Google for anti-monopoly laws

دادستان‌های کل ۳۷ ایالت آمریکا از گوگل به علت نقض قوانین ضد انحصار شکایت می‌کنند

Big tech companies usually don’t do well with anti-monopoly laws, and so does Google. After much hassle in the EU over related laws, this time several US states are jointly suing Google for violating the rules and destroying healthy competition.

A team of 37 attorneys from several states has recently filed a second joint lawsuit against Google, accusing the tech giant of abusing its market power to outrun competitors and persuade users to use in-app payments. Withdrawal makes a significant share of revenue. The attorney generals of Tennessee and North Carolina, along with New York Attorney General Letitia James, will represent the plan. The coalition is made up of both Republicans and Democrats and includes major states such as California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Washington, Colorado and the District of Columbia, where the US capital is located.

The New York Attorney General in his speech on the lawsuit against Google Says:

(Google) through its illegal actions, has ensured that millions of Android operating system users are referred to their services and not other companies, to download millions of applications on tablets and mobile phones. Worse, Google sucks the lifeblood of millions of small businesses looking to compete.

The new lawsuit alleges that Google tried to keep customers and developers within the confines of its app platform by displaying misleading security warnings. Of course, the share of developers’ revenue seems to be the main reason for the dissatisfaction of different states, and the right of users to choose the platform to download the application is the next priority. Like Apple, Google forces developers to use its online payment platform (Google Play Billing), which accounts for 30 percent of sales revenue for services. Of course, the situation in Apple’s ecosystem is much worse, and many are protesting why no similar action is being taken against it.

It goes without saying that Android policies are much less in conflict with antitrust laws than iOS, because Google Play is not the only source for installing the app, and users can install their favorite titles through other informal channels. However, growing pressure on Apple has put the Google Play Store under the microscope of experts and increased oversight of its rules.

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The controversy over the share of developers’ revenue from big tech companies intensified after the Apple and Epic Games scandal. Epic Games provided a way for Apple users to pay outside of Apple-approved platforms to cut back on Apple revenue. To counter this trend, Apple removed Epic Games products, including Fortnite, from the App Store, and the two companies eventually sued each other. The US Department of Justice also seems to be very sensitive about the App Store, and various states can file lawsuits against Apple as well.

Google was also convicted in the European Union of abusing its position in the mobile market to restrict competitors and prevent the proliferation of alternative operating systems in smartphones, with a fine of $ 267.48 million. A separate lawsuit was also filed against Google because Monopoly in the search engine market in Amri territoryکا It is being pursued and the legal department of Alphabet will have difficult days ahead. Google denies the allegations, saying the company’s high share of the Internet search market is due to user choice.

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