Audi RS e-tron GT fails in deer test

ناکامی آئودی RS e-tron GT در تست گوزن

The Audi RS e-tron GT is the latest model tested by the Spanish magazine km77; You might think that thanks to the brilliance of most electric vehicles in deer testing and the technical specifications of the RS e-tron GT, this electric super sedan has also set a great record. But in practice, the result is different and the new product of the Lord of the Rings has failed in this test!

You know that passing the 77 km deer test requires a record of at least 77 km / h, but as you can see in the attached video, the Audi RS e-tron GT can not record a record better than 75 km / h!

If we want to make a comparison between the record of RS e-tron GT and other models, we must say that this car has a performance almost similar to the Bamoo M4 Competition; However, the representative of the Bavarians appeared a little better and set a record of 76 km. Interestingly, the record of the RS e-tron GT is similar to that of the first generation of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the generation that, with its disastrous performance, caused a great deal of disgrace to the Stuttgarters!

1633348413 206 Audi RS e tron GT fails in deer test Audi RS e-tron GT fails in deer test 2

Among the models that have managed to set an excellent record in recent evaluations, we should mention Tesla Model 3 and Ford Focus. The two American cars have set a record of 83 km in the 77 km deer test. The Kia Stinger and Ford Puma ST are next with 82 and 81 km, respectively. More interestingly, the half-brother of the RS e-tron GT, the Porsche Taikan Turbo S, has finished its work in testing this magazine with a record of 78 km!

1633348413 289 Audi RS e tron GT fails in deer test Audi RS e-tron GT fails in deer test 4

It is worth mentioning that Audi has given a special maneuver on the RS e-tron GT and considers it the result of combining several classes. This car has enough space for family trips while accelerating super fast, and its luxury cabin is full of the latest technologies.

Recall that the power of the RS e-tron GT reaches 637 hp in instantaneous boost mode; Relying on this powerful electric propulsion, the Audi electric sedan travels zero to 60 miles in 3.1 seconds. According to the EPA standard, this car covers up to 373 km on a full charge.

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