Authentic source claim: The Galaxy Watch 5 will probably be the ugliest smartwatch of 2022

ادعای منبعی معتبر: گلکسی واچ 5 احتمالا زشت‌ترین ساعت هوشمند 2022 خواهد بود

According to a reliable source in the technology industry, the next generation of Samsung smartwatch is Galaxy Watch 5 Probably not very acceptable in terms of aesthetics and design and can be called “The ugliestEarn the hour of the year.

The Galaxy Watch 5 has thick bezels

Ice Universe In his new tweet, he announced that the Galaxy Watch 5 series has become “uglier” and, in his opinion, could be the ugliest wearable device of 2022. He explains in his tweet once again that the Samsung watch will have very wide margins and also that its design will not be integrated.

This claim comes at a time when the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has already been very well received by consumers and is considered one of the best watches in the world.

Furthermore, Ice Universe in another tweet Publish an image of the clock design (pictured above) showing the thicker bezel of the device. He also claims in his tweet that Samsung and Apple smartwatches will be more different in terms of design.

Galaxy Watch 5 supports 10 watt wireless charging

Galaxy Watch

Recently, the specifications of these three devices with model numbers SM-R900 and SM-R910 for regular versions and model number SM-R920 for Pro version In the FCC database Has been specified. Note that according to the description provided, it seems that Samsung’s future smartwatches will benefit from 10 watt wireless charging speed.

The regular Galaxy Watch 4 is available in 40 and 44 mm sizes, and according to rumors, the regular version of the new generation of this series will be offered in 40 and 42 mm options, and the Pro version will have only one option.

Although the exact size of the Pro version has not been revealed, given that the battery is expected to be 60% larger than the battery of the largest version of the Classic 4 (572 mAh vs. 361 mAh), it can be guessed that the size of the Pro version The Galaxy Watch 5 will increase significantly. The largest version of the classic 4-inch watch in the size of 46 mm has entered the market.

Finally, it should be noted that although the Ice Universe is a well-known resource, it can not be conclusively confirmed that Samsung’s future smartwatch will be so disappointing. The Koreans are expected to unveil the Galaxy Watch 5 series on August 19 with their next Unpacked event.

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