Bankruptcy in the UK if the battery is not manufactured in the UK

Bankruptcy in the UK if the battery is not manufactured in the UK

Dr. Andy Palmer, former CEO of Aston Martin, has said that it is important to build production facilities such as Gigafactory in the UK, and if this is not done, the car industry will face serious problems in the near future.

In a letter to the Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce of the United Kingdom, he said the importance of building battery companies, so that due to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles in the country from 2030 They will face many problems.

Battery production in the UK

Dr. Andy Palmer says in this regard:

“If the battery is not produced in the UK, the industry will face a serious crisis in meeting their needs, and the rest of the industrialized countries will quickly overtake the UK, and now everything, including time, is to the detriment of the UK car industry. “And this country must quickly prepare for the new situation.”

He believes that more than 800,000 jobs related to the automotive industry are at risk.

The rest of Europe is currently investing heavily in building battery and electric vehicle production centers.

Battery production in the UK

According to the new laws from 2026, only 50% of the battery components must be purchased outside the UK, and if the batteries are fully exported to the country, they will be accompanied by significant tariffs.

The mayor of the West Midlands is currently paving the way for a gigafactory in Coventry, and it looks like Jaguar Land Rover is planning to build a plant there.

Battery production in the UK

Currently, the Jaguar brand sells the I-Pace model, which is an all-electric chassis, and although it has a higher level of features and equipment than Tesla products, its high price has somehow become the Achilles heel. And experiences little sales.

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