Banning the Clash of Clans game in Iran; It is not possible for Iranian users to enter the game server

Banning the Clash of Clans game in Iran;  It is not possible for Iranian users to enter the game server

Iranian users reported a few hours ago that they are unable to enter the Clash of Clans game server. “Supercell” studio has banned this game for Iranian users in a statement.

The mobile game “Clash of Clans” is undoubtedly very popular among Iranian users. A few hours ago, Iranian users announced that they had lost access to the main menu of Clash of Clans. As soon as they enter the game’s main menu, they are met with a “Login error: Your current location does not support login” warning. It should be mentioned that Clash of Clans game servers were filtered in Iran in the past months, but we saw that it was unfiltered again.

Clash of Clans game ban

Iranian users first thought that this problem was caused from inside. But Supercell confirmed that by applying security systems, it is going to prevent the entry of users living in sanctioned areas. Sanction statement Clash of Clans game To some areas it is as follows:

We do not publish our games in some countries due to international sanctions and legal obligations. If you are located in an unsupported country, you will not be able to access our games. As of today, Clash of Clans has implemented new security systems that prevent access to unsupported areas.

It should be said that Iran is not the only country that has been sanctioned by “Supercell” company. Countries like Russia and Belarus are not able to access the servers of this game. However, Iranian users must find a new way to access the game servers. Reports indicate that the Clash Royal game has not been blocked in Iran yet.

what is your opinion? Have you encountered a problem accessing the Clash of Clans game server? What consequences will the boycott of Clash of Clans have for Iranian users? Please share your thoughts with us.

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