Banning the export of Chinese Loongson CPUs to Russia and other countries

Banning the export of Chinese Loongson CPUs to Russia and other countries

china In the past years, it has faced many restrictions regarding the production of semiconductor chips, however, in the latest news, it is clear that the Chinese government has banned the export of Chinese Loongson CPUs to Russia and other countries.

This probably has important consequences for Russia during the military conflict with Ukraine, and this country has been using these processors to replace Intel and AMD CPUs due to the stop of their imports to Russia due to the military attack on Ukraine. In the latest news, the Russian news agency Kommersant quoted the Ministry of Digital Development of this country and wrote that the Chinese government has banned the supply and export of Loongson processors based on the LoongArch architecture to Russia and other countries.

However, it seems that the reason for banning the export of these chips to Russia is different from other countries, and it is said that these CPUs are used in China’s military industry. The short-term impact of this type of ban on Russia will probably be small, but in the long run, if the import of Intel and AMD processors to Russia through other countries is reduced, this ban from China can also have important consequences for Russia.

Loongson Russia China

In this regard, a source said that Russian companies do not depend much on Chinese processors, but if access to Intel and AMD products is blocked, these companies hoped to be able to use Loongson CPUs. After the start of the Russian military attack on Ukraine, many countries stopped exporting their products to Russia.

In this regard, Russia tried to bypass the bans in this field and import products from other countries such as China. But it is said that nearly 40% of these chips imported from China were also defective.

Despite the prevailing conditions for China and technology import restrictions in this country, it is also possible that China keeps Loongson’s 12nm processors for domestic use, and if the production capacity of these chips is also limited, this issue could be more true.

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