Beta 10 Tesla All-Car System Released: Higher reliability for automatic driving

بتای ۱۰ سیستم تمام خودران تسلا منتشر شد: قابلیت اعتماد بالاتر برای رانندگی خودکار

The latest beta version of Tesla’s all-car system, or FSD, focuses on increasing reliability over the new features of the previous version. The previous version introduced new features for off-highway driving.

According to the website Electrek, Tesla has just launched Full Self Driving 10 Beta software, and according to initial reports, system decisions off the highway have become smarter and more reliable. Of course, Ilan Musk claims on his Twitter page that this software does not necessarily take your mind off intelligence, but now it can have smoother rotations and better enter or exit traffic than before.

Visual markers have been improved in this version. FSD 10 Beta does not have as many indicators as before, but what is shown on the screen is accurate and unambiguous. Now you can better understand what your car sees and therefore you will trust it more than before.

The driving system on the highways has not changed and this change was intentional. Musk says the highway navigation system is still much better than its FSD equivalent system. But version 10.1 is expected to provide more integration between systems.

It is unknown at this time when the FSD 10 will be released from the beta phase and will be available to regular owners of Tesla vehicles. However, Mask hopes that the public option to request access to the beta will be available to users as soon as version 10.1 is released. Version 10.1 will probably be released in two weeks.

The changes and optimizations of the new version of FSD may not justify the high price of this software, but it certainly makes users feel better about their purchase. The “fully automatic driving” capability has not yet evolved, but it is well on its way and a bright future can be imagined for it.

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