Biden holds a meeting on cybersecurity in the presence of the CEO of Microsoft and Apple

بایدن جلسه‌ای با موضوع امنیت سایبری و حضور مدیرعامل مایکروسافت و اپل برگزار می‌کند

The wave of cyber-attacks and ransomware and the widespread penetration of systems in recent months and years has become so alarming that it has prompted the US President to meet with CEOs of US tech giants to strengthen cybersecurity.

According to Bloomberg The meeting will be attended tomorrow by Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Amazon CEO Andy Jesse. In addition to these people, senior executives from Google, IBM, JP Morgan Chase and the energy supplier Saturn Company will apparently also attend the meeting.

It is unclear what Biden and the audience will discuss; But there has certainly been a lot of talk about recent major cyberattacks such as hacking into Solar Windows software systems, a massive ransomware attack on Kaseya Software, and a cyber attack on the Pipeline Colonial Power Transmission pipelines.

The executives of Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, JP Morgan and Saturn Company have refused to provide information on the topics discussed at tomorrow’s meeting; Even White House officials have not commented.

These cyberattacks have caused great damage in the United States; For example, 100 private companies have been harmed by hackers infiltrating Solar Windows’s systems. The cyber attack on Kaseya involved about one million devices, and the hackers demanded a $ 70 million ransom to free the systems.

The cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline pipeline also stopped the pipeline from operating for a while. This pipeline is one of the largest energy pipelines in the United States, and 45% of the energy needed in the east of the country is transferred through this pipeline; Widespread cyberattacks therefore pose a major threat to the infrastructure of the United States or any other country.

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