Biden overturned Trump’s executive order on Article 230 of the Communications Act

بایدن فرمان اجرایی ترامپ درباره بند ۲۳۰ قانون ارتباطات را لغو کرد

US President Joe Biden has issued a number of Trump executive orders, including a decree on Article 230 of the Communications Competence Act, which revoked social media immunity. cancelled.

Article 230 limits the legal liability of online platforms for the content on which users share. Donald Trump’s decree, entitled “Preventing Online Censorship,” allowed federal agencies to hold companies such as Twitter, Google, and Facebook accountable for their actions if they manipulated or deleted content.

Trump signed the decree in May last year, just as he began tagging his tweets. He was eventually denied access to the social network due to a tweet he posted on January 6 during a protest attack on the US Capitol. Mr. Trump’s Facebook account has been blocked since then, but a special committee at the company is evaluating the conditions for reopening the account.

The former president of the United States believed that social networks, with the support of Article 230 of the Communications Competence Act 1996, could do whatever they wanted without risking prosecution. On the other hand, his opponents believed that the inappropriate removal or change of this law would make it practically impossible for social networks to continue operating, and that this in itself would lead to further damage to freedom of expression.

In addition to overturning Trump’s executive order on Article 230, Joe Biden repealed another order that allowed the government to prosecute individuals for damaging statues and monuments. His next step was to cancel Trump’s plan to build the “National Garden of American Heroes.” The current president of the United States also repealed a decree from Trump in 2019 that required immigrants to prove in their visa application that they were able to pay for their medical treatment.

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