Bill Gates called for a global team to prepare for future epidemics

بیل گیتس خواستار تشکیل یک تیم جهانی برای آمادگی در برابر بیماری‌های همه‌گیر آینده شد

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who has spent the past few years philanthropic, called for a global team to look for potentially potentially harmful pathogens. The next global epidemics Make up.

Bill Gates has called on countries around the world to increase spending on health care and to work more closely together to reduce global threats. She In an interview with the Financial Times On the occasion of the introduction of his new book, he said that the countries of the world may have ignored the health crises, which, of course, are not over yet, given the recent developments such as the war in Ukraine.

To be aware of such new threats in the future, Gates mentioned in his interview the Global Initiative for Response and Mobilization of Epidemics (GERM). A team of international experts who identify global threats and increase coordination between countries to address them.

Bill Gates Criticism of the World Health Organization

Gates proposed the initiative, but recently criticized the way the World Health Organization (WHO) works. According to him, in this organization Less than 10 people They work full-time on pandemic preparedness, and they even work on other side areas. Gates also called for increased funding for the health sector, as well as assistance to WHO performance.

Long before the outbreak of the coronavirus, Gates warned of an epidemic in the near future and the need to prepare for it. He has also criticized in the past the long delay in producing the vaccine and the inequity in its distribution to all countries of the world. In his new book, Gates, on the other hand, outlines strategies to prevent the disease.

Late last year, Gates said the Amicron variant could be the worst part of the corona epidemic. He also referred to 2021 as the most difficult year of his life

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