Bill Gates contracted the Corona virus

بیل گیتس به ویروس کرونا مبتلا شد

Bill Gates Whose name was once again on the tongues during the epidemic and millions of dollars to fight coronavirus Had donated, on the page twitter Declared itself to be infected with the virus Infected And had mild symptoms. He says he has taken a boost of the vaccine and is now quarantining himself.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post 66 years old Is it coronavirus or not. However, he announced He is in good health and recently participated in a virtual meeting with his foundation team. A book by Gates was published last week called “How to Prevent the Next Epidemic.” This book explains how countries can emerge through joint action Global epidemics Prevent and eliminate all respiratory diseases.

Bill Gates: You still have to be careful

“We are still at risk of new directions that may arise,” the Microsoft co-founder said in an earlier interview with the Financial Times. More contagious Or More deadly Be. “I do not want to send a message of fear and destruction, but the probability of this scenario is much higher than 5%, and we may not have faced the worst epidemic conditions yet.”

Although the number of new coronavirus infections is increasing due to the Amicron BA.2 strain, the death toll is rising. fewer It becomes. Gates says the World Health Organization needs to form a team of experts to quickly address threats around the world. Diagnosis And coordinate with global governments to prevent future diseases from spreading to other parts of the world.

He believes that this working group to Huge investment Required by the World Health Organization and its member countries. In addition, tools should be provided to the experts of this program so that they can identify the prevalence of subsequent diseases in the shortest possible time.

“I find it strange that we look at this tragedy and not make such investments as citizens of this world,” said Bill Gates. He had previously said in April that billions of dollars would be needed to make up for the loss Trillions of dollars To prevent.

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