Bill Gates opposes developing countries’ access to the Corona vaccine formula

Bill Gates opposes developing countries' access to the Corona vaccine formula

In a recent interview, Bill Gates said that the corona vaccine formula should not be made available to developing countries. His remarks have drawn a huge wave of criticism.

Bill Gates spoke a few years ago about global preparedness for the epidemic, and in 2015, in his famous speech, he warned of the potential and catastrophic deaths of a global epidemic. Now, while the production of Covid-19 vaccines is expanding, he opposes access to the corona vaccine formulation in developing countries. His reaction to this issue was criticized Is located.

To end the epidemic, Bill Gates is said to be opposed to sharing the vaccine formula with developing countries. He has apparently stated that the corona vaccine formula should not be shared with developing countries. The same approach has been criticized.

In an interview, Bill Gates was asked if sharing vaccine guidelines and formulas would help change intellectual property law. Gates’ answer to this question was no, which could mean that he is paying attention to the intellectual property law of the Corona vaccine and does not agree with discussing vaccine formulas with developing countries.

However, Gates is then asked why he answered in the negative, with Gates citing the complexity of producing safe vaccines. Bill Gates answers this question:

“There are many vaccine factories in the world and it is very important for people to produce vaccines while observing safety and health tips. An issue that hinders in this regard [به اشتراک گذاری فرمول] It may not be intellectual property. [برای تولید واکسن‌ها] Factories may operate without regulatory approval. “Relevant studies need to be done and the production process must be examined in a very precise way.”

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