Biometric authentication is added to WhatsApp web and desktop versions

Biometric authentication is added to WhatsApp web and desktop versions

WhatsApp will soon release a biometric authentication update to open the web version and app of these messengers. The purpose of this is to prevent the possibility of spying on these versions.

In addition to the smartphone, many users work with the web version or WhatsApp desktop application at the same time. the door New updateBefore entering their account in the desktop version, they must first pass the biometric authentication step.

With the addition of more security in the desktop version, users can use this messenger with more confidence and even if someone has access to their smartphone, they can not abuse it to access the information and content of the desktop version of chats. .

Users of iOS 14 smartphones equipped with Touch ID and Face ID and users of all Android devices with the ability to support biometric authentication can soon use this new security feature.

Some users enable authentication for their entire device and some do not take such an approach and can only enable and use this option for WhatsApp. Users can also disable the desktop version if they do not want to enable the biometric authentication option.

WhatsApp Biometric Authentication System has the same functionality as all existing systems and is not intended to access or collect users’ face and fingerprint information. The new update also explains that users’ personal information will not be shared in any way.

According to WhatsApp, this new update will be available on compatible devices in the coming weeks.

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