Bitcoin price reduction; Alarm for the wealth of crypto billionaires

کاهش قیمت بیت کوین؛ زنگ خطری برای ثروت میلیاردرهای حوزه کریپتو

With falling prices BitcoinThe wealth of billionaires cryptocurrency Has also dropped significantly. Assets of the founder of the exchange Kevin Bess One of the largest cryptocurrencies in the United States fell from $ 13.7 billion, first to about $ 8 billion and then to $ 2.2 billion.

Over the past two years, Ramzarz’s investor assets have grown well, but this trend has not continued with the dramatic decline in the value of bitcoin. Although this issue affects all owners of digital currencies, the founders of exchange offices have suffered the most and the most significant losses.

Big alarm devaluation of bitcoin

Assets of Brian Armstrong, Founder Coinbase It was $ 13.7 billion in November and about $ 8 billion at the end of March. Now, after selling digital currencies from Bitcoin to Ether, which has severely devalued Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, his fortune $ 2.2 billion Dropped.

According to BloombergThe company’s shares fell 84% compared to its first trading day in April 2021 $ 53.72 it is arrived. Coinbase also warned that trading volume and monthly users in the second quarter may be lower than in the first quarter.

Nevertheless, will Coinbase be able to withstand the sharp decline in the price of digital currencies? Armstrong recently In the field of detailed tweets In this regard, he said that “there is no risk of bankruptcy” even in this rare situation and the financial resources of users are secure.

In addition to Armstrong, the fortune of Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital Crypto Bank, rose to $ 8.5 billion. $ 2.5 billion Dropped. He is a fan of TerraUSD, the StableQueen algorithm that is now in danger of crashing.

“Chang Peng Zhao” CEO Bainance He is also said to have lost more wealth than Armstrong and Novogratz. He topped the Bloomberg Wealth Index in January with net worth of $ 96 billion. However, his fortune fell to $ 11.6 billion as of Wednesday.

On the other hand, Coinbase trading volume has been steadily declining since the beginning of this year, and Bainance has seen an increase in its trading volume last month with a greater focus on international levels. However, Bainance’s concentrated business in the United States has experienced an even sharper decline than Quinbis, although it can be said that the US crypto market is experiencing a very bad time.

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