BitTodens owner TickTock entered the virtual reality market by buying startup Pico

بایت‌دنس، مالک تیک‌تاک با خرید استارتاپ Pico وارد بازار واقعیت مجازی شد

ByteDance, the owner of the social network Tik Tak, intends to enter the virtual reality market with a stormy start by buying a startup called Pico.

Pico became the third largest manufacturer of virtual reality headsets in the first quarter of this year, and the production and supply of virtual headsets of this startup increased by 44.1% compared to the same period last year.

Buy this startup For ByDodens, which was able to achieve great success with the launch of TickTock and the Chinese version of the social network, Douyin, it would be a constructive step, and it could pave the way for the expansion of its business.

Officials at Beitodense headquarters in Beijing did not provide much information on the matter, but only mentioned that all hardware and software facilities, along with an experienced and talented team in the field of virtual reality, will be provided to the company so that it can compete with the company. This technology is emerging. The company has other plans to expand its business.

In March of this year, Baytodens bought a large mobile gaming studio called Moonton for $ 4 billion, indicating that the owner of TickTack intends to build a mobile game as well.

Apparently, Bydodens’ goal in entering the field of virtual reality is to compete with Facebook’s virtual reality headset (Oculus). Apple also bought Next VR last year, raising speculation about the tech giant entering virtual reality.

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