Blood pressure detection capability will not be added to the Apple Watch until at least 2024

قابلیت تشخیص فشار خون حداقل تا سال 2024 به اپل واچ اضافه نمی‌شود

Apple Recently, it has been developing health-related features in its wearable products, and one of these expected features is measuring blood pressure. However, a recent report suggests that you should not Apple Watch Series 8 Or even wait for this feature next year.

According to last year’s report NikkeiThis feature was supposed to Series 7 Apple Watch arrives but ultimately anticipation Mark Gorman It came out of the water that he thought such a thing was unlikely. In any case, according to the details obtained from Wall street Journal We know that work on this project is still ongoing.

Also according to New report From Mark Gorman BloombergThe delay in the release of this feature is due to the challenge regarding the accuracy of this feature, according to him, the closest possible time for the release of this feature this year 2024 will be.

Available information about Apple Watch blood pressure sensor

According to an informed source, “accuracy” is the main problem that engineers have encountered during the development of the Apple Watch blood pressure sensor. It should also be noted that Apple does not seek to provide specific information about blood pressure and only wants this feature. In case of high blood pressure, warn the user and advise him to see a doctor.

Given this, one can not expect to recognize this feature Systole Or Diastole He had high blood pressure, on the other hand Apple is already in the app Health Intelligent blood pressure monitors such as Withing BPM It has the ability to make more advanced medical diagnoses.

It is also worth noting that Apple is working on a blood sugar test non physical According to Bloomberg, this is also several years away from reality due to the company’s silence on the release date.

However, new features such as sleep, fitness, drug management and women’s health can be expected to be introduced this year.

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